Thank you to everyone who has supported Isuken Co-op! We are immensely grateful for your continued kindness and generosity!

  We offer a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone in our community who has helped us achieve our goals since we began in 2018…

…to those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign to help us get our business started..

…to our customers who have enjoyed our delicious sambusas at events and farmer’s markets throughout Southern Maine. We look forward to continuing to bring you our homemade Somali Bantu cuisine. 

…to the organizations and individuals who recognize our vision and have supported us through challenging times with grants and philanthropy.

We have overcome many obstacles to get to where we are today. Without each of you, it would not be possible to achieve our dream to own and operate our business!

We continue to take donations, and appreciate your generous support for our Start-up efforts!


Through supporting Isuken, you are helping get local food to people and supporting New American farmers and chefs.  


Isuken is COVID_19 Prevention Checklist Certified